Big Booty Escorts: Experience Bubble Butts That ROCK

Feb 23, 2019
big booty escorts

How big booties became so popular

Traditionally large boobs from busty escorts have been the most sexualized part of an callgirl’s body, but last years that craze shifted towards bumps. We can’t deny that these sexy assets are all over the scene these days as also the pop culture is all into them. When many celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, The Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez are twerking right on your TV, it might be hard not to get obsessed with it. Knowing this, it’s pretty obvious that men are getting fascinated. We can say that both on and off the camera butts are loved and this trend isn’t going to decrease soon. 

Why men like big booty escorts

Nowadays many see sexy large booties as a product of our cultural beauty standers. Though being curvy butts are wonderful there is evidence that is saying that there is a scientific logic behind it. Mostly guys like curvy butts due to how they are programmed biologically. For men seeing a female that is having a curvy body can be sign of feminine maturity. Therefore, she will be seen as a possible sexual partner. Some evolutionary psychologists have even stated that a larger back illustrates a curved spine and so for men it might be a sign of being ready for sexual intercourse. Women with curves would guarantee a more easy and smooth pregnancy so in essence it all comes down to male’s fundamental procreation instincts.

Why having a big bum rocks

Ah, escorts with big booties. Most men are obsessed with it and the fixation about it is spreading like a wildfire in the adult industry. Big booty escorts are on the rise. At Press Pink we totally get it as a females’ ass can be significantly sexy. A wonderful rump will certainly help a woman’s body to get that sultry silhouette we all long for.

Thanks to the “big-booty-craze” doggy style is also becoming more popular nowadays. We all know men just adore doing it from behind. Therefore, big booty escorts can give you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy their fine assets from behind. Without a doubt, they will look amazing from that angle and on top of that it is great to hold on too. Another advantage of hiring a big booty escort is that there is a great deal of spanking that can be done from that position as well. Big booty escorts are more suitable for these kind of activities as for sure their bump can handle it. And it jiggles!

As a last advantage health lovers will be very happy reading the news that big bums are smarter and healthier. An Oxford University analysed data from 16,000 females and discovered that girls with bigger bumps are usually more intelligent and can be incredibly resistant to chronic diseases. On top of that the research indicated that booty queens are less likely to have a lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In essence, we can say that having that little junk in your trunk is absolutely a good thing.

How to become a big booty escort yourself

After reading all that wonderful advantages we can truly understand you might want to become a big booty escort yourself. One of the most crucial assets of an escort is her booty. If you are the lucky owner of a bootylicious but it might certainly boost your confidence as well as the number of clients you are getting. If you are not a member of that category you do not have to worry as there are still plenty of exercises so you can become a booty escort yourself as well. This part is meant for those high-class escorts who desire to obtain a voluminous booty.

What are you waiting for? It is perfectly possible to finally get that round and sexy butt that you have always dreamed of. Take your time to read through the several articles on our news section and start practicing the basic steps. No challenge is too hard for a real big booty escort. Set yourself a goal and monitor your improvement. Without a doubt you will start seeing results in no time. Maintain your schedule and repeat those exercises until you become that big booty escort that all guys long for!
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