Is prostitution legal? [The Mother Of All Questions]

Jan 27, 2019

Whether prostitution is legal or illegal depends on where you live

You will be surprised by the number of countries where prostitution is treated as a real legal industry. Worldwide there are 77 countries that have made prostitution legal. Prostitutes will have to register with the state to obtain a valid license. This license will monitor a sex worker’s behaviour to make sure that he or she is not engaging in behaviour that is lewd, sexual in nature or offensive. On top of that, as in every business, they are obligated to pay taxes over their income. Regular health checks are highly recommended, but not obligatory. Through the image below you can find out if prostitution is legalized in the country where you are residing in.

Limitedly legalized prostitution means that selling and buying sexual services is legal, but various related activities linked to it might be illegal such as exploitation or running a brothel or a massage centre. In countries where the law limits prostitution, there will unavoidably be entrepreneurs who try to bend the rules so they will fit in their own whims and wishes. Think about adult services that are offered as “sensual massages” or “body rubs”. In fact, they are just masquerades for prostitution and therefore illegal. Any type of service that consists of sexual acts may lead to charges. To stay out of trouble we advise you to analyse the template below to find in which countries prostitution is legal.


While prostitution might be illegal, escorts aren’t

We’ve noticed that many readers of our news section want to get a clear answer on the following questions in the debat of "are escorts legal or are escorts illegal"? Well, it’s completely understandable that a lot of people place prostitutes and escorts in the same category. They have the idea that a prostitute earns money in exchange for sex while an escort is merely doing the same thing. In fact, that’s untrue.

A prostitute is someone that receives money in order for sex and therefore in some countries illegal. It’s quite simple and basic. An escort, instead, is only a paid companion for public occasions or private settings that doesn’t offer any type of “sexual services”. A companion is only expected to appear good-looking and presentable as they are often asked as a stand-in as a for a particular public event. It is completely legal to offer or hire companionship services as long as the companion is the owner of a valid license and pays taxes over the earned money. While there might be a thin line between prostitutes and escorts, being a companion isn’t illegal at all

We can, without a doubt, say that escorts are legal as long as there is no trading of sex for money. It is perfectly legal to pay call girls for their company, even if they are scantily clothed. What happens during the booked time is seen as a consensus between 2 adults. "Officially" escorts will be paid for their company and sexual favours are not included in their services. Companionship services should under no circumstances consist out of sexual interactions. When an escort performs any sort of sexual act it becomes illegal and it may lead to a criminal charges. Likewise, for customers it is against the law to hire a high-class escort with the intent of having sexual intimate actions as in this context escorts are illegal.

Still a little confused about the legality of escorts? No worries! It’s completely understandable. Please watch the video below to get a clearer view on this difficult debat:


Legalizing prostitution is the answer

A myriad of nations have tried to decrease prostitution by it illegal and spectacular serious penalties; however, like similar projects with other routines, such as gambling and drugs, such projects have constantly failed due to continuous need.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes we live in a perfect world. Whether you like it or not - being a sex worker is the oldest job in the world despite it’s being seen as a hateful and fallen choice of work. Sex work will always stay a part of society no matter which bans it has. Some countries prefer to ban it, while others try it regulate it so sex workers can provide of health and social benefits. A lot of people are surprised to find out that many European countries and other first world countries have legalized sex work. Whether you believe it or not, the sky didn’t fall down in those countries. They are still running fine and its business as normal.

At Press Pink we try to stand up for the rights of escorts and sex workers in general and therefore we truly stand for a worldwide legalisation of this wonderful profession. Let’s work on it together so we can take it out of the criminal circuit with which it is sometimes get associated. Let’s try removing sex work from the equation for just a moment so we can see how atrocious the act of criminalizing prostitution is against women. Let’s talk about a woman’s right to be a porn star (which is basically a prostitute on camera), a woman’s right to be a phone sex operator, a woman’s right to be a model, a woman’s right to be a massage therapist and a woman’s right to charge for her time to go to a social event. All of these different rights are unquestioned. Every woman has the right to do any of the above without the fear of criminal prosecution. Escorts are legal and should receive an “immunity” from government laws as well to advertsise their own specific services.
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