An escort blacklist database: why escorts are using it (and how you can avoid ending up one!)

Mar 03, 2019

escort blacklist database

An escorts’ blacklist: what it is

Most elite escorts have warm-hearted and grateful customers. Nevertheless, now and then, there is a certain amount of customers who can end up being very disrespectful, impolite, rude, greedy or even aggressive and because of that non-appreciated behaviour they might get skipped by one or several agency girls or independent escorts and end up on an escort blacklist database. Such a database is an online network where escorts share information and client reviews with other colleagues. Mostly they try to help each other by spreading a word of warning about chaotic, abusive or aggressive clients.

An escort blacklist database: how you end up there

There’s no need to worry yet as generally speaking you will have to do something pretty drastic to get blacklisted by an escort. However, some customers are very unaware of their own behaviour and therefore they don’t have the slightest clue why their escort has blacklisted them. Sometimes it can be a typical behaviour that drove the escort mad, but with most of the customers it is, without a doubt, a combination of activities. A bad build-up relation with your call girl that is merely based on several issues or problems may have you land on an escorts’ personal blacklist or even on an online network of escort blacklist databases.

For both parties a relationship based on mutual trust respect will enhance the general experience. Therefore, it’s necessary to follow certain rules and guidelines. For customers who are a little concerned about landing on a “never, ever again” list, we have created this unique piece of content with taboos you should avoid while dating your call girl.

Getting blacklisted during the booking process

With the internet being the #1 source for clients these days, companions can end up being very picky even before actually making an encounter. Due escort marketing they can have 1000’s of emails and phone calls a month of potential customers. Believe it or not – some clients even make it to the door step. Let’s find out what they possible did wrong and how you can avoid that.

Taboo #1: Being a timewaster

Call girls are experienced daters and they can spot timewasters early on in the booking process such as through calls or texts. Asking loads of questions, without mentioning an actual date for reservation, is suspicious. Hiring escorts over the phone is a pretty straightforward process. When calling or texting escorts, it’s advisable to come to the point directly. If you have certain questions, just be straight. If they suspect that you want to get some free phone sex, don’t be surprised to be cut of immediately. Also calling back repeatedly with several questions will label you as a timewaster.

Taboo #2: Being a weirdo

When you are contacting a call girl, she will pay close attention to your behaviour. Tendencies that might threated her security and safety will be noticed. If you give the idea that you might be a paranoid, suspicious or a rather odd client you can be placed on the known “blacklist”. Escort girls can’t put themselves at risk and will do everything to safeguard their security, even if that means blacklisting their clients.

Taboo #3: Being bad-mannered

If you lack good manners or zero respect and you are not willing to learn fundamental basics of politeness it’s not uncommon to get rejected by. If you’re a customer who desires his companions to tolerate all levels of disrespect by berating them, criticizing them or insinuating it’s better to contact a psychiatrist instead. If you are going to be a rude and mean customer you will find less to no escorts who are going to offer their services to you. Girls in general long for common courtesy and compassion. If you can’t control your tongue and your behaviour, expect to end up in an escort blacklist database. For sure your reputation will precede you with other companions who will decline encounters with you as well.

Taboo #4: Negotiating the fee

As stated above your companion will depend on you to follow their directions on their escort website and that also concerns the payment. The rates mentioned on her personal website is what she expects to be paid for the time you have booked. Therefore, have your donation prepared before the actual date begins. When she arrives, have the requested amount of money prepared in an unsealed envelope placed in clear sight when she enters the room. Negotiating, barging, paying in gift cards or vouchers or paying in foreign currency may get you banned, unless she told you otherwise before.

Getting blacklisted before or during the encounter

Wow, your first date with an escort. You must be very excited and anxious at the same time. No worries as that’s a complete normal reaction. While there are plenty of taboos for how you should behave during the reservation procedure a couple of “guidelines” are ever officially addressed of how a customer can be ensured of becoming a returning client. Although you may not know them, escorts notice them all – the good and the bad. Try to make a concerted effort to learn them as well as you only get one change to make a first impression. Common politeness will help your date to request you again. Use our tips to be on your best behaviour.

Taboo #5: Being too late

When you are booking an encounter with a companion, she relies on your integrity to be on time. Her income is based on time and the number of appointments she has and therefore is very precious and valuable to her. When you are coming too late it’s your own responsibility to pay for the time agreed upfront. Don’t assume to get a discount as you are the one who is being tardy for the encounter. On top of that she will not lengthen the time you had reserved with her as being too late is your fault. A high-class escort has a very busy schedule and respects it at all costs. Keeping her waiting messes up her planning and certainly is discourteous. Your failure to be on time can be very upsetting and annoying for her. To avoid getting blacklisted by an escort it’s of utmost important to be prepared for a booking in advance. Be at least 30 minutes in advance at the agreed appointment to prevent unexpected circumstances such as traffic jams.  

Taboo #6: Being under the influence

If you are showing up at an encounter under the influence of alcohol or drugs you might end up being rejected. Substance abuse will make you act out in unusual ways such as being more physically and verbally aggressive. On top of that going drunk or high to an encounter will be very disrespectful to your companion. As stated on her escort website or escort marketing advertisings she expects you to follow her guidelines which mostly will prohibit substance abuse. With you not respecting the basic escorts’ etiquette you might get banned or even blacklisted.  

Taboo #7: Being unhygienic
Courtesans spent a lot of time looking sizzling hot for you. Don’t be surprised you might get banned when you show up unhygienic, dirty and smelly. Instead show some decency and respect for her efforts and take a shower prior to your encounter with her. Don’t forget to do some proper manscaping as well as finishing off a little extra deodorant lotion. In our article about your first time with an escort we give away 10 essential tips for first timers who can come in handy as well.

Taboo #8: Being pushy

Well, be surprised our not, companions set up guidelines and recommendations on their personal escort website for a reason.  Take your time to pay close attention to them as it a sign of basic respect towards your courtesan. If you try to push boundaries it implies that you are trying persuade her to change them for you. It’s a complete sign of disrespect to push her to things she doesn’t want to do. To build up a trustful relationship with your companion it is necessary that you respect her desires. If she might get the feeling that you are a perpetual boundary pusher, they will not doubt to block you from making future bookings.

Taboo #9: Having unsafe sex

Any elite companion who is well worth is going to insist you on wearing a condom. Irrespective of your declamations that you’re “healthy”, no high-class escort is going to risk her health for your pleasure. If you’re unrespectful and you are still attempting to move forward without a condom, she has all the rights in the world to refuse and blacklist you. If cannot safeguard her guidelines she will, without a doubt, show you to the door. Safe sex and using a condom during your date is definitely a non-negotiable guideline for companions. If you’re not really prepared to stick to} it, clap your hands and celebrate your #1 spot on the escorts’ blacklist database.

Taboo #10: Being sexually obsessed

Having an encounter with a companion is more than having just simple sexual intercourse. Prior to the sex, high-end call girls try to build up an intimate relationship with their customers that is built on mutual affection and respect. These exquisite females like to invest a significant amount of time acquainting themselves with their clients through a good conversation combined with innocent flirting. Besides that, they may offer you a massage to get in a relaxed and sensual mood. It’s completely common that these dates include way more activities than when you would meet a cheap prostitute. Courtesans attempt to offer way more than just physical affection. For them it might be very physically uncomfortable for them to date with a man who prefers to have an encounter full of sex without a break for various other intimacies. On top of that it will get appreciated if you will take an erectile enhancing medications prior to the reservation to get the most out of your booking. For customers who are solely interested in a session full of steamy sex, dating a high-class escort might not be the perfect option. Don’t be surprised to be left unsatisfied when an escort just leaves or won’t allow you to engage in a booking that is filled with only sex. Try to avoid being blacklisted by an escort as she just might ignore you in the future when you are try to book her for another encounter.  



If you have been blacklisted by any escort before and felt left in the dark one or multiple taboos listed above might help you figure out what went wrong. These can be some of the reasons why you ended up on an escorts’ blacklist. It is definitely essential to keep these tips in mind where you are preparing a new date with another call girl. We can conclude that it’s better to look after your companion and show her that you are a loving and warm-hearted guy. She will come back to you with a lot more pleasure that you can probably imagine.

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