A Liège escort: why and where to take her on a date

Dec 07, 2018

Liège is a Belgian city and at the same time a province of Belgium which is situated on the eastern edge of this wonderful country. It is nearly impossible to discover this metropole at first glance. It will take some time to get to know the entire city. Even the inhabitants themselves are still playing the vacationers in their own city and they would like you to imitate them and follow them on their never-ending journey.

Besides the many Latin-Germanic cultures, the architecture and the history Liège can be also very romantic. It might sound a little cliché but in this city, there is definitely some unique architecture and artwork to discover around every corner. It is definitely filled with secret spots that you can visit with your escort girl in Liège such as picturesque alleys, spa and wellness treatments, an intimate dinner or a walk along the Place des amoureux. We can truly suggest to combine the gorgeous setting that this metropole has to offer when visiting your escort in Liège. In this article we will suggest some great ideas to where you can take your luxe escort in Belgium too when you are visiting this wonderful city.

Escorts in Liège like to dine and shine

As stated previously, most women like to get amazed on a date. It might be a restaurant she’d wanted to test out, or even a hotel or a place that she has told you about through your prior discussions. All that attempt will reveal your date that you thought out the facts of your own intimate dinner for. Plus, this is a fantastic option if you do not have a chef’s abilities in the kitchen! You simply have to get an excellent restaurant that serves the best food.

Some gentlemen prefer to spoil their Liège escort with their own cooking skills. There is just something special about being requested to a dinner at home. It’s more intimate and private, and it makes your escort feel special. Especially if you clearly invested a great deal of work about the food and demonstration. Men should know also that elite escorts are impressed by a man who knows how to cook. Show her your best cooking skills and for sure she will truly enjoy your intimate dinner together.

An intimate dinner for two does not always have to be a costly deal. What truly makes a date romantic are the small things. Try to create a sweet and fair belief of your respect for your escort in Liège. Even if you simply take here to a picknick it’s necessary that she is appreciating your company.

It is always recommended to take a small gift for your escort girl a Liège. Of course, It’s not necessary to bring a present on every encounter. Also, it doesn’t have to be something expensive. In general, it’s advisable that you show your luxe escort that you care about her and that you are a discerning gentleman. Mostly flowers or chocolates are very much appreciated by the majority of high-class escorts. You might always consider to bring your escort a Liège something different like a teddy bear, a necklace, earrings and even some companions can be happy with a book. The gifts that you will be bringing do all depend on how well you know your favourite companion. Without a doubt the best gift that you can offer are your attentiveness and attention towards her.

Escorts in Liège like to party

This wonderful city is beyond borders famous for its nightlife. The atmosphere in the city is definitely pleasurable. Locals like to go out and drink a glass of wine or a beer. Downtown there are many cafés, brasseries and bistros where you can go to with your escort in Liège. If you feel the need to taste the local dishes, you might want to try their charcuterie, meatballs with chips or lettuce (potatoes, bacon and green beans). After dinner it is time for the delicious ‘café liégeois’. It’s the typical coffee for which Liège is known all over the world. But what really sets this city apart from all the others are the typical waffles with delicious exploding sugar crystals. You can surely try them when passing one of the well-known waffle shops in the city centre.

During spring and summer the terraces in the city centre will be crowded. Locals enjoy having some chitchat and a beer with friends. This metropole certainly is the place to be for beer lovers. The city owns his own traditional brewery which presents its products in local shops and pubs.

Escorts in Liège like to get pampered

This wonderful city also offers many possibilities to have a relaxed time with your escort. Besides the well-known thermal baths of Chaudfontaine or spa you can also take a special wellness formula in many of the the five-star hotels that the city has to offer. When you go downtown and outskirts, there are also several private saunas where you can take your Liège escort too. She will certainly enjoy the sauna, the hammam and the various other body treatments that these private spa’s have to offer.

Don’t forget that wellness also includes mental relaxation. Therefore, you might plan a romantic visit to the opera as well. The most popular ones that you should definitely visit, are The Philharmonic Orchestra and the wonderful Théâtre de Liège. Most high-class escorts like music and culture so you will certainly please your elite escort when taking her our to the opera.

Escorts in Liège like Christmas

Liège has a long-standing Germanic heritage of Christmas markets. For more than 30 years the Christmas Village welcomes two million guests which makes it the biggest Christmas market of Belgium. During the most wonderful time of the year this city is filled with a magical and charming character. The market has Latin roots which you can obviously see when visiting the several chalets and tasting the many culinary delights, different kinds of beer and beverages that the Christmas village has to offer. The most popular attraction of the market is without a doubt the Ferris wheel. For less than 10 euros you can invite your escorte girl in Liège to take a ride with you on The thirty-metre high Ferris wheel that can be found on the Tivoli space. All these facets help to create a romantic and joyful atmosphere when you are visiting the market with your Liège escort.

Hopefully this article gave you some inspiration of what you can do with your escort when you are on a vacation or a business trip in this wonderful metropole. We are sure that the exceptional beauty and the stunning surroundings of this city will make it a stay to remember. If your really start to like your escort in Liège you might even consider to spend a larger time with here and make it a multi-country weekend getaway. Most high-class escorts like to bond with a limited number of clients to deliver a real Girl Friend Experience.
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