Escort Marketing: How To Expand Your Client Database

Feb 22, 2019
Escort marketing

In 2019 the internet is king when it comes to escort advertisement

The online adult marketing business is booming. At Press Pink we’ve concentrated ourselves for a great deal on online escort marketing. Creating a profile on Press Pink will give you the rare opportunity to realize high returns from your business with our proven and result-oriented adult marketing strategies.
Our approaches and strategies are tailored to meet specific customer needs and guarantee long term business sustainability. We pride in our capable team of experts that range from internet researchers, writers who, web designers, social media marketers and general experts who employ some of the best results to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Besides adding a free of charge listing an escort directories, setting up your personal escort website isn’t that expensive either. There is definitely even much more that you can do yourself on the internet to improve your call girl business and increase your customers’ database. We will list some opportunities below.

Anticipate on escort forums

There are hundreds of escort forums that allow you to put a link back to your escort website. Try to seek attention and participate in these communities and forums. Go for regional boards that concentrate on service providers in your area. Suggest yourself as a high-class escort and you will naturally get some decent targeted traffic to your escort site.

Get social on Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the leadings social networking sites with over 1.1 billion active users and more than 720 million active daily users. More than 874 million Facebook users access the service on their mobile devices, which is even better for marketers. We take pride in its many years of experience delivering social media presence for companions. We highly recommend Facebook not only because of the massive usage, but also for the global reach, and cost-in fact, it is absolutely free to run a Facebook page.

Use Instagram to market your call girl services

With more than 800 million users Instagram is the best place for sex workers and companions to get real targeted traffic back to their internet site. This social network allows users to post photos and video clips as well so you can even attract more potential customers. Also, it’s possible to add hyperlinks to your personal site. Try to obtain the most possible engagement though Instagram by posting high-quality and unique pictures in combination with high relevant hashtags. On top of that it’s important never not to forget to respond to comments on your pictures and videoclips.

Get escort links from Snapchat

The days Snapchat allow you to link back to your pictures. With some luck this can drive a high number of visitors to your companionship website. Without any articles and limitations, the character of this program will give you the chance to connect with potential customers who will seek attention by clicking on your links.

Learn the basics of escort SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the procedure that should be followed to improve the number of organic visitors that your site is getting from search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and of course, Google. The higher your site will rank in the SERP’s, the more change you will have of getting booked. In order to achieve a good position, it is necessary to do adult SEO on an ongoing basis. Find out for what keywords you want to rank and try to write in depth articles about them. Let your content work for you by requesting links from other website owners. The more backlinks your website gets, the higher you will rank in most popular search engines.
Though most courtesans do their marketing online it’s advisable not to underestimate the importance of word-of-mouth and face-to-face networking either.

In these times of technology, it’s important not to forget to deliver a true GFE

Getting in new customers through suggestions may result in a way more organic development when it comes to clients. While on the web marketing will tend to give call girls a higher number of customers, most likely they will end up being onetime daters that will not really bring in the big bucks. Let’s just be honest, we all understand that the greatest customers are the ones who are devoted to you as a GFE escort. It’s important to grow the connection that you have with them. A great deal of escorting usually is about fulfilling the sexual desires of your customers. On top of that it is also important to get a deeper connection during an encounter with a client. Customers who look for high-class companions who offer outcall services are mostly looking for something more meaningful than just casual sex. They want to be pampered and spoiled by a true girlfriend. Because this part definitely is very essential and not something to disregard we will give you some extra tips to work on it.

Ask your customers to suggest you

Give them a few of your cards with your data on it and ask them to promote you. Many will end up being a little bit nervous about sharing this information, but convince them it’s not that hard. Make them feel comfortable about it. When a brand-new customer comes from a referral, it’s usually way easier as a high-class escort to go through the confirmation procedure. Discover which customer has passed on your data and spoil him with an extra service on your future encounter. This will certainly stimulate him to refer your escort services once again.

Expand your connections in the field

Try to become friends with the concierge or receptionist at luxurious hotels and resorts. Have a drink at the bar at some places close by and check out their customers. If you discover that a great deal of guys is generally there by themselves it may be a great hotspot to provide them your call girl services. Chit chat a little bit with the concierge, but do not take too many risks either. Build a slow connection with him and afterwards you can discover if there are any clients searching for elite escorts. Go through the same procedure at lounges and nightclubs.

Get to know other escorts

Yes, you heard it right. Not all call girls will end up being your competitors. Also, they can bring extra customers to you. I surely understand that you assume that they’ll most likely give you the bad and poor clients simply to trick you, but it does not have to be like that necessarily. If a couple of these girls are working in a specific niche mostly they’re not really willing to change that and if a new client pops up who is searching for something else, you’ll end up being the initial girl to find out. The same will happen for extremely occupied high-end escorts who merely do not have the time to consider new customers. You can even make a contract or a schedule with various other courtesans to pass clients on.

While online escort marketing can bring in big quantities of customers, it’s also very important to not forget the essence of real-life recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals!
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