The good, the bad and the ugly of escort review sites

Jan 03, 2019
The upcoming of live escort reviews has been a big gamechanger in the erotic industry. Most of these descriptions are well written and will describe the call girl in detail. The way she looks, her personality and what happened precisely during the erotic encounter is very important to many customers and therefore they like to write about it A LOT!

For a significant number of clients’ live escort review sites will determine if they are going to book a specific escort or not. For some escorts this can end up being pretty frustrating as they do have little control about what is written about them. Therefore, it’s advisable for them to make the following business choice: are they going to pay attention to live escort reviews or not? Controlling your evaluations can end up being a significant component of your adult marketing strategy. It can also be a complete loss of your time as you have almost no control over what is written about you. To help you make the right decision we will the positive and negative aspects of escort reviews.

The good of escort reviews

Finding the right companion can end up being a difficult undertaking for clients as there are hundreds of gorgeous call girls waiting to get a date. Sometimes this can quickly turn into stress for clients, especially for newbies. Therefore, escort reviews can be handy for customers to make the right decision. By reading the opinions of others they will find out precisely what kind of girl you are – inside and outside. After done enough research for sure you will get more potential clients from you live escort reviews.

It’s important to remember that live escort review sites get tons of traffic so without a doubt it can pump up your escort marketing to another level. The latest researches have proven that almost 95% of clients is reading reviews on the web before hiring business, a service or buying a product, and 89% of clients trust these reviews a lot more than personal recommendations. It’s simple as in general people trust people. It’s more likely to believe something that is told us by a friend instead of the provider of the product or the service. Which, without a doubt, is normal and makes total sense.

If you found out that a client posted a positive rating about your services online there is really nothing that is holding you back from putting a hyperlink to that review on your own website, profile or ad listings. Additionally, on your website you might want to create a separate page with your best escort reviews. Keep it short and simple with a maximum of 100 words. Just put a link to the full review in case clients are interested in reading it. It will help potential clients to make the right decision to book you.

The bad of escort reviews

There are 2 types of negative reviews: true and false. Initially it is possible that you don’t have a connection with a certain type of customers. Things like this happen. Usually they will describe you as antisocial and not enthusiastic and, of course, they will not recommend you to future clients. Stay relaxed as it’s impossible to be everybody’s cup of tea. These descriptions can end up being pretty annoying, but likely they will not harm your escort marketing a lot. Just accept that they are part of the job and move on.


The ugly of escort reviews

The second type of negative reviews is absolutely nasty and false. No matter how good your services are, there will come one day when your first false negative evaluation is being written whether it comes from an annoyed client, another jealous call girl, or a rather poor guy who got pissed off because you didn’t want to meet him for peanuts pay. When getting a review like that we advise you to get in touch with the webmaster at the site where it is published. These webmasters want to give their customers the best user experience and therefore it is necessary that the things being published on their site are accurate. If they are clever, they will be very willing to delete false reviews when being asked. Additionally, you can ask your regular clients to post some positive evaluations. They will be very happy to reward you for all the awesome encounters that they have experienced with you. End up being prepared. Most of your regular customers will know what live escort review sites are, though newcomers will have no idea. It’s best to clarify to them what such a site is, how they can sign up, and what you would like them to write.

Whatever the outcome of reviews may be – stay positive

Let’s try to end positive. Whether you like them or loathe them, reviews are, among many, a part of being an escort. Potential clients and call girls can both benefit of live escort review sites. For future clients they can offer a wealth of information about their preferred call girl and for escorts the can offer potential customers which means extra money. Always try to stay relaxed and maintain a good balance when it comes down to your adult marketing. An elegant set of pictures with an alluring description will bring more than enough clients – even without any reviews. Therefore, be a smart companion who doesn’t care too much about the opinions of others. A good high-class companion while have her own loyal band of regulars in no time.
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