Escort SEO: what all of the #1 ranking escort sites have in common (and how you can have it too!)

Feb 15, 2019

escort SEO

What Escort SEO stands for

Search Engine Optimisation is what SEO stands for and its purpose is to affect the rankings of a website in a search engine to make it more visible. In its simplest form, escort SEO is all about making sure that a particular page on your website is the most relevant for a certain keyword. Your page must be more relevant than your competitors in order to rank higher. Relevancy basically includes:
  • - The content on the page, both written and images
  • - The relevancy of the links pointing into that page
  • - How much interest does it generate in people visiting it

Get all those factors right – or better than your competitors – and you will rank well.

Escort SEO is all about keeping up (ideally) overtaking your competitors. There are some keywords and search terms that are so competitive for instance ‘London Escorts’ it can be extremely difficult to rank on page 1 for it. The adult industry is the most competitive online sector to compete in. Your website will be fighting with millions of others from all over the world who like you are trying to entice internet users to their adult content and escort websites. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be the best in online marketing.

Why you should consider doing Escort SEO

In the last couple of years, there is a significant difference in the escort industry. More people have embraced these services and this has led to an increase of escort business thus increasing the level of competition as well. If you operate this type of business and are interested in learning how to market your escort business, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. Gone are the days when this type of business used to be advertised in news papers or telephone boxes. The manner in which these businesses are advertised has taken a major shift and if you want to learn how to market your escort business, you ought to capitalize on the same. Online advertisements have come of age and ensuring that your escort business is at the top of search engines makes a major difference in determining whether it becomes a success.

If you’re looking for successful results, internet marketing is an important strategy that should be a part of any campaign. The basic process isn’t a complicated task and can be done by everyone. The most crucial reasons why you should learn escort SEO asap is to increase your traffic and visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And MSN. Like that you will be able to create trust and brand value. The higher your ranking will get, the more leads and clients will find their way to your services. Don’t forget to build a user-friendly website that will make visitors come every time. Only like that you will be able to build a big online community around your brand.

5 steps to become the best at Escort SEO

Step #1: Spy on the competition

To beat the competition, we have to know what they are doing (because obviously it works!) and how much they are doing it. Measuring competition takes some practice, and you will really only get a sense of how much competition there is in a niche after you closely analyse the search engine result pages. Important metrics to look at include DA, PA domain age and the number of incoming links.

Step #2: Join the race

Two things you have to be aware of is what off-page and on-page SEO factors mean. Make sure your on-page SEO covers the requirements for a great site with good structured and fresh, unique content. The quality of your text is as important to the Google bots as it is to real live humans. You will need to spend a great deal of time creating informative and unique written content for all the pages on your site. This means excellent grammar and spelling as well as making sure that the writing actually reads well. Focus on creating unique content that is related to what the page itself is about.

A word about images! Images are important too. Google looks for the images and the style of the site to match the content on the page, so make sure that when you are writing content that the images are depicting what you are trying to say. Make sure that you use alt tags associated with the written content on the page as it gives an idea as to the subject of the page if the person was not able to see the text. All these things go towards making the almighty Google happy.

Next to on-page SEO you have to take care of your off-page SEO as well which means creating worthwhile links to your escort website. These will come from places that you would expect to draw in real people who are looking for the services you are offering. Get informed and get yourself a back-link checker something like majesticseo or backlinkwatch (free) and see what the domains are that they are linking you with and what text they are using to link you (anchor text).

Step #3: Get social

Social media has a key role in gaining new clients – People access information on their mobiles much more now so web searches are becoming less used. Social media drives visitors to your website as long as you are seen to be active, friendly and accessible.

Social does not start and finish with twitter, Google + or Facebook. A good place to get solid data is Hitwise. The latest data tracks everything from top 20 Websites (ranked by visits), top search engines by volume/visits to top 20 social networking websites. No surprise on the results as Facebook (for the week of 9/26/19) was the number one most visited social networking site at 41%. MySpace, YouTube, Tagged and Twitter round out the top five.

Escort directories which have broadcast facilities are becoming noticed by Google and utilizing these can seriously help your rankings in the mighty Google. For any online business the use of social media is so important and its ability to create awareness for your brand and business is unparalleled.

Because of its nature it allows you to get real time feedback from not only your established customers but perspective customers too, it gives you the ability to see what content connects with your audience and what makes them tick. Stop moaning about that new site which has appeared from nowhere – check out their social buzz and see what they have been doing on the quiet for the last few months! Bet they have their own marketing team doing it for them.

Step #4: Start bookmarking

Nowadays, social bookmarking services are the most popular source for webmasters to drive visitors and traffic to their websites. Social bookmarking let users save and manage their favourite bookmarks online on internet. It has been made in such a way that users can tag them with keywords and share them with others and watch their bookmarks. Also, you are able to keep the bookmarks private and share them with your friends and family only.

When your new website is up and running, first thing you should do is to submit your site to many search directories such as, Yahoo!, DMOZ etc. Not only will this help you get quality backward links to your site it is by far the fastest method for your site to get crawled by search engines spiders and get indexed by them. Don’t underestimate the value of the many regional and industry specific directories. Try submitting your site as many as possible relevant local directories, sit back and watch traffic coming to your website.

Step#5: Issue press releases

A press release can deliver exceptional outcomes for all kind of businesses – whatever their sizes, margins or profiles are. The content that you plan to distribute in press releases can do its magic for your Escort SEO as well. On top of that they will allow you to build trust and authority on all kinds of levels as they are stimulating journalists and the media to take over your article. Their work will give you more leads and visitors who want to check out your services.

A perfect PR marketing strategy will give you the opportunity to brand yourself as a high-class escort or as an agency as it will allow you to underline your exclusive services and features. Apart from obtaining a reputable status the PR network will provide you worthy backlinks to your escort website. Furthermore, by optimizing your articles you will be able to boost its visibility on the world wide web. Make use of tags and specific keywords that are describing your subject so you can fully take advantage of your optimized marketing campaign.

These are the 5 things that, if done correctly, will get you on the first page of google for your chosen search term. Do remember though that all your competitors are doing the same thing and so it also become a question of consistency, volume, activeness and skill. If you need help with this, then please take a seat and read our other articles in our news section about escort marketing and adult SEO.
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