How to create an escort website [A Newbie’s Guide]

Feb 03, 2019

Do you want to build the most epic escort website in the world, but you don’t have a clue how to code or design a blog? At Press Pink we are here to give exclusive advice on how to create a free escort website that grabs people’s attention without any coding, design and very little technological skill. My name is Sarah and I am the main content creator at Press Pink. In this article I will guide you through the entire process of creating your own escort website.
Before you think twice this isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before…
…1. We are only focusing on the adult industry, more specifically creating blogs/sites that review sex toys, tell people about you sex advice, show your naked pictures and even promotes your brand as a porn star/webcam model.
…2. We create things we want and this is the exact guide we were looking for when we first started in the adult industry and is designed to help people who are like us create amazing things without wasting heaps of time with bad advice.
Scroll down to see if you’ve got what it takes to set up an escort agency website or if you are an independent girl a free escort website for yourself. Also, after you have read this we advise you to check other marketing related articles on our news section that will teach you everything you need to know about adult SEO and escort marketing. Let’s start!

Step #1. Getting a Kick-Ass Domain Name

First… Don’t copy the mistake that many adult blogs and we made!
What mistake would that be you may ask?
Most domain names are too damn long. Domain names with more than 35 characters go against the most valuable domain name buying rules which are listed below:
Rule 1). Get a Keyword
Domain names should always contain a keyword that either explains what your website does, or is highly searched on Google.
… And yes, you’re right! We at made that mistake as it doesn’t have a keyword in its domain name nor is it highly searched for on Google. Hopefully we can build up a brand through the years which WILL make it a highly search query.
Don’t act as we did. Be smart, take some time and choose your domain name wisely!
Exercise: Write a list of potential words you could use to describe your blog/website, then mix and match to create an amazing domain.
Rule 2). Keep it
Keep it short, sweet and to the point.
Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing that keyword (as we did above) for an easy to remember domain.
Short is great but avoid spelling errors and words that mean two different things for example: killrs instead of killers or right and write.
See you want it to be easy to remember, but trust me if you design a word wrong you’ll have to spell it out in every interview, radio show and whenever you’re promoting your escort website in real life, and that’s frustrating.
Rule 3). Avoid STOP Words
You don’t want a domain name like: How to become a blogger or How to create a escort website.
You see words like: to, of, how and what are related to spam, so they should be used carefully and at max once or twice.
You can still keep the meaning of a domain while removing the stop words, example: “How to become a” would turn into “become a”
Click here to get a list of stopwords to avoid…
Rule 4). What Extension? .Com? .Co? .Net?
Let’s keep it simple and always go for a .com domain.
And If the domain you want isn’t available as a .com, find one that is.
This will help you avoid future lawsuits, mix ups and should increase your ranking ability as .com is the most respected domain extension.
Rule 5).
Always buy domains from reputable domain brokers, I use Godaddy as they’re the best price and constantly run fantastic deals.
So be sure to Google “Godaddy Domain Coupon” Before you buy anything from Godaddy as they usually have $1 domain coupon deals running.
Which is pretty freaking awesome!

Step #2. Getting Amazing Hosting for your Adult Blog

Next, you’re going to need hosting that’s quick and allows adult related content on your escort website.
Nowadays we host all our adult blogs with Host For Web.
As they’re the quickest, most reliable and by far the most helpful hosting company we’ve ever worked with.
They allow adult content like sex toy reviews and sex articles, but they don’t allow porn, so be sure to message their 24-hour support and check if your site will be acceptable.
“But Sarah, where do I host a website containing pornagraphic images/videos?”
Yo, we got you covered.
We host our X-Rated blogs with Host Gator as they allow all adult content that complies with the laws of the United States which covers all you webcam models, porn stars and even tube site owners.
Next question:
“How much is all this going to cost?”
Well Hostgator is $5.97/mo for a starter WordPress site (perfect for new adult bloggers, escort agencies and independent escort) and if you add a coupon it’s even cheaper.
And if you go for Host For Web‘s starter pack it’s $9.99 per month, but it’s safer, more reliable and much quicker than Hostgator, so the cost is totally worth it.

Step #3. Pick A Jaw Droppingly Sexy Theme

First let’s see who’s got the best Wordpress adult themes and try to work out what theme they used.
Note: Don’t copy the following bloggers theme’s, just use them as an example of great work and what you can achieve without programming/designing skills. – Probably the nicest sex toy review/advice blog I’ve ever come across and it’s run by a lovely fellow named David.
The theme he uses is: Edition By ThemeWich accompanied with a few awesome plugins. I’ll keep them secret in order to not give too much away. – Hell Yea! Her site’s an awesome creation and she’s another of my favorite sexual bloggers.
The theme she uses is: Canva By WooThemes and as you can see she’s really updated the site almost making it unrecognizable using custom graphics and an amazing colour scheme.

Examples Help Creative People
These are two great examples of amazing work and hopefully show you that you don’t need a thousand dollars and a website creation team to get you a new escort website.
Instead just a simple $60 WordPress theme with great escort website designs and a few hours of your own time to configure it.
So, let’s get started and pick a theme for your adult blog:

ThemeForest (Biggest marketplace and where I get my themes from)
WooThemes (Perfect for sex shops)
MyThemeShop (Amazing prices)

Top 4 WordPress Themes for Adult Blogs
We’ve made more than our fair share of adult websites and so far, these 4 WordPress themes shined above the rest:
– Sahifa (One of the cleanest most customizable WordPress themes around)
– Newspaper (Another one of the best themes I’ve used, easy to customise and with endless possibilities)
– Edition (The theme a lot of reviewers use both in and outside adult blogs.)
– VideoTube (And a special for people who want a video-based site)
Note: We picked themes that are highly customizable so you can…
…1. Make multiple blogs (if the themes licenses allow it).
…2. Add personal touches that make each site you create your own.
“But Sarah, how the hell do I make the theme of my new escort website look good?”
You can either do it yourself, takes a few hours of clicking buttons.
Or you can pay someone $50 to install it perfectly using Evento Marketplace (You get this option after you buy the theme from ThemeForest) – recommended for newbies.
“What’s your one tip for people buying a theme?”
Keep it clean and simple and don’t over complicate with hundreds of categories, call to actions and crazy banner ads.
“Can I use a free theme for my escort website?”
Free themes are hard to install, plain, have limited support and are almost impossible to customise without programming experience.
Plus, they usually have banners promoting the developer which takes away from the user experience and makes for a lowsy site.
So, there’s no question, a $60 payment far outweighs the hassle of a free theme.

Step #4. Plugin Your Way to Awesome

At this point you’ve…
…Picked a kick-ass domain name, that’s short, sweet and informative.
…Payed for your hosting on either Host Gator or Host For Web.
… Picked an awesome theme and started planning your design.
And now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your adult blog with some important plugins that get things done.
“What’s a WordPress Plugin, Sarah?”
It’s something you can download/install on your escort blog that can instantly give you site superpowers. Here’s some must have plugins:
Yoast SEO
Every escort and gigolo needs to rank on Google (and other search engines) and Yoast SEO makes it that much easy to do.
With this simple plugin you’ll be able to manage all your on-site SEO without any skills, just Follow this guide, install it on your sex blog and voila, on-site SEO’s complete.
W3 Total Cache
Want your site to go like the speed of light? Well then you need W3 Total Cache. Ituses it’s magic to lower the speed of your site. It can be tricky to set up but, it’s totally worth it.
Every escort website needs an awesome commenting system that everyone understands and Disqus is just that.
It’s simple to install and makes your comments look awesome, just check my comments below and see for yourself what Disqus looks like.
WP Smush
Pictures take up a lot of space on servers and WP Smush automatically deletes unnecessary information to make your pictures load quick and take less resources.

Step #6 Get A Killer Logo People Remember

You have to admit my logo is pretty killer.
But, would you believe it only cost me $29?
Well, it did.
So, from where did you got it?  Logo Nerds, and they charge just $29 for 3 concept designs and free revisions.
“But Sarah, I just don’t have that cash right now?”
LogoNerds is the best, but if money is tight you can get a custom logo created on
Quick Advice for Buying Logo’s on Fiverr…
…Know exactly what you want
…A picture is worth a thousand words, show them what you want using similar logos.
…Use plain English (Most of the designers are from non English-speaking countries)
…Tell them the colours you’d like
…Hire people with high reviews
…Look at their logo portfolio for more ideas
…Contact them before you buy
“When should I purchase a logo?”
After you’ve secured a domain for your new escort website.
You want to release as soon as possible and you’re not going anywhere without a logo. So, once you’ve picked a good domain, start coming up with with logo concepts and buy your logo ASAP.
Then while they’re creating your logo you can focus on customizing your theme with plugins and cool pictures to match.
“Does the logo really matter?”
Yes and no. It’s like the domain, it doesn’t matter because it can be changed, but it does give you an added advantage by making your website…
…look awesome
…easier to brand
…More memorable
Verdict: $29 is a good investment for a great logo, $1000 isn’t.

What The F is Next?

For your new escort website you should have a domain, hosting, theme, plugins and logo all in the oven.
And once you do It’s time to connect all of them things together using my 4 minute WordPress Blog set-up guide.
Then after that it’s time for you to create killer content, then use my advice to market that said content, while learning how to make as much money as possible with the knowledge and tools your escort website offers to the world.
One last thing before you go… What’s holding you back from creating an adult blog?
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