[It’s a date!]: your first time with an escort – 10 ESSENTIAL TIPS INCLUDED

Jan 30, 2019
first time escort

Getting ready for your first time with an escort

Preparing yourself for a date with a regular escort, a high-class escort or a courtesan is like preparing yourself for a unique occasion. In order to make her feel relaxed and welcome it is recommended to pay some special attention to a few simple rules. After all, the better you know each other, the more familiar the atmosphere will be which will increase your changes for receiving a true Girl Friend Experience.

Looking for escorts is not anything new. This is a practice that has been around for a taste of time. But first timers are always present in any kind of business. If you haven’t tried dating an escort before, this article will guide you with some essential tips to have a never to forget experience. There are certain steps that you can follow in order to be assured of a successful meeting with your preferred call girl.

10 essential tips for first timers


1. Take a shower and smell as good as you can

To start off, you need to ensure that your personal hygiene is great. So, you’ve already booked your preferred escort, now the next thing to do is to smell good as much as you can. Take a trip to the shower room and use a nice liquid soap. Remember that you need to get rid of any unpleasant smell as this might turn her off, leading to the inevitable disastrous first encounter. After taking a shower, make sure to put some deodorant. Also, it is advisable to brush your teeth, floss them and use a mouthwash. You want to enjoy a nice kissing experience so this one should be at your topmost priority. Make sure your nails are perfectly trimmed as well. Lastly, dress nicely and put on some nice cologne or perfume.

2. Dress to impress

This is very important because it will enhance your personal confidence to a very significant extent. Being dressed in a nice and presentable way does not only help you to have more personal confidence. Rather, it also helps you to lighten the emotions of your escort. Since the escort is meeting you for the first time, she will need to be as calm as possible throughout the meeting. Some escorts may become apprehensive if the person they are meeting is dressed in a scary way. If they have many orders during that night, they may opt to spend the night with other clients leaving you miserable.

3. Find a romantic setting

An activity you both can participate in is a good idea. A dinner date can be an amazingly relaxing experience where you both can get to know each other a little better. Make certain you’ve taken care of any needed reservations so it shows your date you’ve done this with her in mind.

4. Turn your phone on silent

Once you escort has confirmed that she in on your way, and you are waiting to meet her in real life it’s advisable to put your phone should on silent. By silent, we mean completely silent. It should not beep or buzz or vibrate, otherwise it can completely ruin the romantic atmosphere. Take advantage of the wonderful time being together with your high-class escort. This means you two should be priority and work, game updates or WhatsApp massages can wait for a couple of hours.

5. Act with confidence

So, this is your first-time and as a newbie, you need to get rid of your first-time jitters or else, all your efforts will be put to naught. Move with ease and confidence because an experienced escort can easily tell if you’re feeling a little weak on the knees. Avoid stuttering when you talk to her, instead, speak as slowly as you can.

6. Compliment her

You really need not to drool or paw like remanded frat male date, but yes, you have to give your female counterpart few compliments. Women don’t really go on dates to desire the other person grabbing their butt, but yes, you can appreciate and give compliments to her for her beautiful beaded bracelet or perfectly applied eyeliner or for her dress. If you think that these things will sound like gay, then absolutely not. In fact, complimenting her on the first date will actually help you in your final exam. There is obviously no need to overboard, but just verbalize your thoughts to her.

7. Respect the boundaries

Learn how to respect women, this is a very important factor. With all the music and influence around us there is a lot of disrespect triggered towards women. Men need to learn how to respect women, not touch them where they don`t want to be touched and know how to speak to them in a respectful manner. It’s a huge turnoff for an escort if you are disrespectful. It’s important to make sure you agree with her on things that you actually agree with her on. If you disagree than voice your opinion quickly and change the subject. Therefore, make sure that you never cross her comfort zone. If your companion is shy, be sure to not go ahead and flirt with her right away. Shy people like people but it takes time for them to get comfortable. Make sure you see when you have crossed the line a little.  

8. Never ask personal questions

This is a rule of thumb and you must commit it to memory: Never ever ask confidential questions about your escort because most of them do this job professionally. Personal questions are turned and looked down with disfavour. Besides, you don’t want her to feel anxious as you throw her questions regarding her life outside being an escort.

9. Go with the flow

The most important thing is not to get too nervous about making a perfect impression. Nobody will care about your size or stamina. If you are nice to her and if you treat her right, she’ll be happy to offer you a great service. She’ll probably enjoy being your teacher. You’ll get into it easily. Once you do, you’ll realize that it was worth it. You’ll be able to experience everything you imagined in your wildest fantasies.

10. Show a little gratitude

Lastly, thank her for a wonderful experience. Let her know that you had a great time with her. If possible, give her a tip so that the next time, she’d still be willing to accept your booking. If you don’t prefer tipping your call girl, it’s might be a good idea to consider offering a small gift instead. If your companion has a website, she might even have a wish list with preferred presents.
We realize that this list might sound scary to some first timers. Just try best you can, but don’t forget to be yourself as well. Without a doubt the best thing that you can do it being friendly, warm-hearted AND yourself from the beginning of the encounter during your first date with an escort. For sure this will work out and you will have a never to forget experience. If you follow these tips than you are well on your way becoming a guy that girls like and want to be around. The first impression of you will be a good one that will make her want to see you again!

Enjoy your first time with an escort

escorts first timeHopefully you can take advantage of the mentioned tips above. Some people hire escorts just to fulfil their desires of being with a gorgeous woman whereas some others do the same to chill out or to make an impression in a huge corporate or public event. Regardless of your intensions, our escorts will give their best to please you in order to make sure that you are satisfied with the provided services. You won’t be able to look away from our escorts for even a single second as they possess highly arresting looks.

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