How to become a gay escort [The best online guide anno 2019]

Dec 12, 2018

Start working as a gay escort

How to become a gay escort has become quite a popular question for many guys worldwide. Becoming a gay companion will mean that you have to accompany several clients to numerous public occasions where you will spend a wonderful time with them. In fact, these services are paid dates. Many guys hire gay male escorts simply to have some company at their business trip. Nowadays many business men live very occupied lives and, in most cases, they lack time impress a guy on a real date. Therefore, they prefer to hire services from gay male escorts.
Initially we want to tell you that there is no ideal type of men when it comes to being a gay escort. Everyone can be a gigolo, no matter what their background, experience and skills are. Though as a gay escort it is recommended that you have an open-minded, polite, kind and respectful personality. After all the customers are is spending for your companionship so their desires should be your main concern on your time being with them. As a gigolo you will mostly accompany men to special occasion such as dinners, business meetings and social events. Being a gigolo can be a truly adventurous and lucrative experience. Therefore, we would like to guide you on your way of becoming a professional gay male companion. We have listed some crucial elements below that will certainly help you along the road. With a few simple steps you will become a big name in the erotic industry.

Choose a popular body type

Anno 2019 there are two very popular body types for gay male escorts. The first one is fairly muscular while the second one is the ‘twink’ model body. It’s best to choose a body type that is most natural to your own body type and that is easily to maintain for you.
If you go for the twink body type, be prepared to go on diet frequently so you will not gain extra fat mass. On top of that you will not to go to the gym regularly to maintain your slim body type. If you go for the muscular body type instead, it’s required you go to the gym daily and that you avoid dietary excesses that will bring up your bmi.
As a third rule you will need to care take of your skin and pores to maintain a vibrant and fresh appearance and. Generally, most clients who love the first body type also prefer a smooth and hairless body. Go at least one time a month to a beauty salon for an epilation. After your treatment it is important to moisturizing your skin daily with body lotion. Your water intake up will also end up being essential to maintain your youthful look.
As a fourth rule you will have to adapt your clothing style to the body type that you have chosen. This will be completely different for both body types. We have the muscular male escort who has to be the suited and booted hairy bear and we have the youthful teen guy who is more into the fetish scene. Choose for a more youthful look with sportswear, boyish and feminine clothes when you belong to the second category.
It doesn’t matter which body type you go for in the end as long as you constantly make sure you’re your appearance is at its best in order to make out the most of your profession as a male escort.

Be intelligent

Be able to have an intelligent conversation is very important for a gay companion as well. You should have some decent understanding of several topics so you will be capable to have a high-level conversation with clients from all backgrounds.
Try to create the image of a highly sophisticated gay escort with decent conversational skill that prefers dating with an intellectual minority to ensure you attract high-level clientele. But beware that the desires of your clients always have to come first. Therefore, you should act as a true gentleman. Try to share the opinion of your date to avoid any disengagement or disagreement.

Take care of your physique

Ensure to stay physically attractive. Put your positive physical features upfront and try to keep your client’s attention away from any imperfections. Stay perfectly groomed and cleaned at all times. Therefore, it’s important to take a shower at least twice a day and use some perfume afterwards. Besides that, it’s proven that showering before anal sex is essential to clear bacteria which can cause severe infections. As a high-class gay escort your own protection should be your main concern at all times.

Start with escort marketing

Get to know more about escort marketing and adult promotion. As a first rule it’s essential to have your own professional website. Besides that, it is advantageous to get listed on erotic directories like Press Pink where you will be able to get in contact with 1000’s of clients. Sites like ours provide quality traffic to your own website. Put some budget aside to have professional photographs taken. As a high-class gay escort, you want to attract wealthy clientele to your business. Therefore, the image that you create online is of utmost importance.

Dating a gay escort

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