What GFE Actually Stands For (and why you should care)

Feb 08, 2019
The girlfiend experience (GFE)

What’s the meaning of GFE?

We noticed many of our readers don’t know what GFE means. GFE literally stands for GirlFriend Experience. When escorts of Belgium providing these kinds of services it means that they treat their clients just as how they would treat their boyfriend.

In general, a date with an escort is focused on sex. The emotional part is left a bit abandoned. This is where an escort who offers a girlfriend experience can help. This service generally involves more personal interaction that the one you would expect from a traditional call girl. The encounter is not merely focused on the sexual part, but more on having a unique date with loving companion. There will be a bound of connection, trust and affection. Some call girls show their loving side when providing these services. They prefer to kiss on the client’s mouth, touch and have oral sex without a condom. Anything in your imagination can be a part of your date with your high-class escort. Just tell her your desires and see what she is proposing.

Now take note that the meaning of GFE isn’t purely sexual activities. It isn’t about mind-blowing blowjobs, perfectly insane sex sessions but it all boils down to one word: attention.  Men love it when women go gaga over them so they love the attention being given to them by these escorts who act out as their partners.
Usually this service begins by having a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant and the two of you converse on a lot of things. You walk her home or take her to your hotel room for a more intimate conversation. This set-up is such a big hit to those who want more than sex from an escort. It is as if having a real-life girlfriend but not really.

GFE: the complete story

Some customers just have a sexual encounter with an elite escort, but there are always others who are looking for more. For those who are not satisfied with the usual there is always the complete story. Your creativity comes here in to play. Are you one of the customers who wants a passionate romance or an unexpected encounter in a park? Don’t think you are the first to introduce a GirlFriend Experience with several chapters to your preferred companion in Belgium. In some countries, such as Japan, it is more than a consolidated service. Men are not just looking for a sexual encounter, a role-play or a one-night stand over there. They desire much more.

Men these days are willing to pay high-priced escorts in order for them to experience the love, comfort and affection they are needing without the complications and entanglements of a relationship. Instead of finding a girlfriend, they try to find a fun, carefree escort who could offer such attention to them.
GFE means participating in a real-life boyfriend girlfriend relationship minus the headaches. Men pay for this service because it’s the next best thing. You get to enjoy the beauty and excitement of having a beautiful lady in the person of an escort. You can take her to dinner, go on walks, watch movies together and pretend that she’s your girlfriend. Isn’t this a nice option then?

Having a girlfriend means cuddling with her in bed as the two of you fall asleep, a surprise visit from her in the middle of the night, kissing her passionately and tenderly, enjoying an erotic foreplay, having totally unprotected oral sex, and the list could go on and on. These services may now be availed of by booking an escort who offers a GirlFriend Experience so no need to worry about getting homesick while you’re abroad.

Which type of clients prefer GFE services

The emotional part is probably the most obvious reason people choose for these kinds of services. The affection and the caresses are the main emotions of a couple in love and that is what clients will experience when choosing for a GFE. Sex is also important because it can be practiced and improvised naturally. Besides the intimate part you also can ask your escort to accompany you to a public meeting and behave like she is your perfect girlfriend. The way she will look will leave you definitely speechless.

Clients hiring these services usually prefer the more sensual and almost passionate approach of their call girl before having sexual intercourse, although some hire these ladies purely for companionship. For them it’s of great importance to have someone to talk to or to take to a business conference. Generally speaking these dates are longer bookings as the customer is inviting his lady to an event. It’s the feeling of going on a real date. These discerning gentlemen are very appreciated by courtesans and high-end escorts.

Men desire to experience the ultimate girlfriend experience most especially when they travel abroad, alone. Being in a foreign country and hearing strange language could sometimes cause uneasiness on one’s part. This situation holds true for those who do long-time traveling such as spending six months or so, hopping from one continent to another. Worst, there will be times when one would simply be missing home and in order to do away with it, they avail the services of escorts.

GFE vs reality

GFE’s meaning is a service of escorts and in almost one hundred percent of the cases it never becomes a real story. Don’t confuse the professionalism and generosity of high-class escorts with real love. You do not have to be too smart to understand this. Although there is always the desire of a beautiful woman who falls in loves in love with us. If you understand the points listed above you can enjoy your GirlFriend Experience to the fullest. Your elite escort in Belgium will maybe not be in love with you, but you can rest assured that she will try her best to make you feel she is. For the time being with her she will pamper and spoil you like a real companion would. We can conclude that this exquisite service is for those who want to have fun in bed, but also before and after. If you are looking for a passionate experience to cherish, with or without sex, then an companion that offers this service is the way for you!

Want to know even more about this famous girl friend experience? Have a seat and watch the video below:

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