High-class escorts: the guilty pleasure for REAL gentlemen

Dec 14, 2018

High-class escorts vs regular escorts

All do we know the term "high-class escort’ as we have seen it mentioned on tabloids and in newspapers before. But who of us can exactly tell the difference between a high-class escort and a prostitute?

Let’s start from the beginning. Escorts are without a doubt also prostitutes. These ladies or gentleman offer sexual services at the location that is chosen or preferred by the client. They “escort” their services to them. In other countries it may also be known as “outcall services”.

In Belgium around 15% of all prostitutes work as high-class escorts, female companions or courtesans. Any type of sexwoker is definitely not superior to the other. They and their offered services are simply different. Though the public views on prostitutes and their jobs might differ.

By definition a high-class escort is an attractive and elegant female companion with wide knowledge, with whom you can chat and who you can introduce to your business associates without any kind of problem. She is a person of high standing that offers a deeper emotional connection than just sexual services or erotic massages. On top of that she can be your companion for all type of events, meetings and parties - public or private.
Get to know more about the services offered by high-class escorts by watching the video below:


High-class escorts: why you should hire them

There are many reasons why discerning gentleman choose to hire high-class escort services. Mostly these female companions get hired by men who frequently travel for business. Visiting many major capitals for work can end up being pretty lonely and boring after some time. Therefore, some men desire to hire to company of an astonishing call girl to make their trip more fascinating and exciting. Below we will share how high-end companions can spice up your business trip abroad.


Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

In general, a regular prostitute will provide a service that is mainly focused on the sexual satisfaction of the customer. Mostly her clients are looking for no-strings-attached sex. They do not want to bound with the sexworker. Romance and intimacy are not one of his or her concerns. It’s all about fulfilling the physical needs of the customer.
Besides the sexual pleasure, a high-class escort will also concentrate his- or herself on fulfilling the mental needs of the customer. Therefore, the provided services are described as delivering the so-called Girlfriend Experience (GFE). During an encounter a high-class escort will create a romantic atmosphere that usually is identical to that one when dating a real girlfriend. A high-class escort focusses on building a deeper connection. A date with him or her will be full of seducing and passionate moments. The sexual part will be more passionate at it is based on the created connection between both parts.


Natural charisma

Female companions have extravagant qualities such as their seductive skills for alluring gentleman. These cannot be found in an ordinary prostitute offering the same service to their clients. A regular call girl offers services only to get paid lots of money but elite escorts offer their high-end services to fulfil the passion of enjoyment of wealthy discerning gentlemen.
High-end escorts offer their services wholeheartedly and without any external force. They love what they do and they truly enjoy satisfying clients. Besides that, it is helpful as customers will come back again and again while elite companions earn lots of money during their leisure time.


Educated and intelligent

High-class escorts are very talented entertainers on both the sexual and the social level. Mostly one of the biggest differences between high-class escorts and regular sex workers is their level of education. They are definitely extremely educated, sophisticated and self-confident. Most female companions have a obtained a degree at university or high school which ensures they are a true pleasure to speak with. For sure they will surprise you with their knowledge as they will be able to converse with you on an interesting a range of topics.
When you hire a high-class escort you can be almost sure that she will speak several languages. This can end up being very handy and charming as well when a client travels around the world for business and would like to flirt with an escort in his own mother tongue. Luxury escorts are perfect companions for dinners, parties, events or every type of meetings, as they are trained, educated and sophisticated woman with a great background culture. You will be able to enjoy an intelligent and interesting conversation with a beautiful and elegant woman. In the last few years, they have become in ideal companies to do business trips, as well as to go to international fairs.
In other words, it must be highlighted that luxury escorts are professionals whose services go far beyond of the purely sexual services, although there are many men who only hire them to enjoy a good session of sex, but it doesn’t only mean that their services are sexual.


Perfectly groomed

A high-class escort will put a lot of thought in to dressing for your encounter with her. They have an extensive wardrobe to choose from to mix and match every component of their outfit. The clothes of a high-class escort will be of a high quality and you can be sure that underneath will be worn the most gorgeous lingerie.
Besides that, you can rest assured that they will appear perfectly groomed, feminine and sophisticated at the appointment you have with them. She or he will look amazing, smell gorgeous and has smooth silky skin and hair. There will be taken care of every component of her or his appearance. Besides their gorgeous looks high-class escorts are integer and warm-hearted as well.


Boost your image

Hiring a female companion will not only make your business trip more exciting. It will also boost your image. These females are known for their slight figures, porcelain skin and luscious lips. As an executive you certainly want to be seen in the company of a sizzling hot companion who not only looks gorgeous but is educated and intelligent as well. One by one all luxe call girls are all breathtakingly beautiful curvy and sophisticated. They are sizzling hot beauties with brains. They will mesmerize you with their sexy antics and alluring elegance. Hiring a high-class escort service can be very stimulating - both mentally and physically.

High-class escorts in Brussels: explore the city with them

As major capital of Europe Brussels is becoming the pinnacle of civilization. On top of that it’s one of the world’s most modem cities and that’s why many high-class escorts like to flock here. Brussels is definitely the place of milk and honey to find luxe escorts that want to fulfil your naughtiest wishes and desires. Besides that, many of the female companions in Brussels are experiencing the greatest aspects that this metropolitan has to offer and without a doubt they want to share it with you.

Our Brussels high-class escorts can’t wait to take you out for some shopping, site seeing or playful activities in the centre. There’s no reason left why you would have a lonely time in this European metropole. You can meet up with one of the many Brussels escorts in the city’s growing lounge bars or nightclubs to start a passionate evening together.

Boutique hotels in Brussels: invite your Brussels companion in style

For discerning gentleman that are on a business trip in Brussels and that can appreciate the value and comfort of a luxurious boutique resort the “Stanhope Hotel by Thon Hotels” might be an address to remember. Indulge yourself and your companion in the high-end atmosphere and furniture in one of the many suites that the hotel has to offer. Before enjoying a discrete and passionate date together you might want to consider having a drink at the famous lounge bar at the hotel lobby. It is known for its delicious cocktails and attentive service for almost 50 years.

Another option when it comes to extravagance is the “La Hulpe hotel” in Brussels. It is located in a forest outside the capital. It will certainly impress you with its unique and modern furniture. Surprise your high-end escort with an indulging spa treatment in its famous wellness centre. High-end call girls understand the importance of relaxing themselves and their clients before a hot and erotic encounter. Feel indulged and calm in the arms of your high-end Brussels escort and start enjoying a night to remember.

Press Pink: one of the world’s leading escort directories

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