How To Become An Escort: independent escorts vs. agency girls [Step-By-Step Guide]

Mar 14, 2019

How to become an independent escort

Becoming a professional escort

We have noticed that there are many queries in Google for “how to become a professional escort”, so we decided to create a unique piece of content about it. Especially new girls can benefit from reading it before putting their first steps in the world of escorting. For tips and advices on how to be part of the journey, read on.

Questions before becoming an escort

Think about it. You need to know that this job is suitable to strong women who enjoy her independence and can handle men’s needs. There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself first before jumping in. Such as are you ready to be an escort? Do you like accompanying others and be paid for it? If so, are you also you prepared with the emotional effects that this job can bring you? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, be welcome to put your first steps into the adult industry. You will be able to feel sexy and get paid big amount of money to pamper yourself. On top of that you will be dating men without any string attached.

Agency or independent?

If you are planning to be an escort, you have to decide if you will run it independently or you’ll work with an agency.
What’s best: start working as an independent escort or start working as an agency girl? And what are the differences between these two? Well, every person has his preferences; and yet still this question is hotly debated in the adult dating industry. We took a deeper look into it to clarify some things for you.

Escorts generally get started in one of the two ways:


1. Work for an escort agency.

They do the booking and (hopefully) provide some screening of clients. They should also provide some sort of security. Most of the independent escorts start working through escort agencies before leaving and becoming independent escorts.


2. Jump right in and advertise availability.

For a newcomer, this can be risky. Therefore, it might be advisable to work with an established independent escort to learn the ropes before become an independent yourself.

Agency girls vs. independent escorts

1. How to become an escort at an agency?

An escort agency is an organisation that provides services delivered by escorts or companions for customers. Usually these services include intimate activities, though they are not guaranteed. Whatever happens in the booked time between the companion and the client is consensual as prostitution is illegal in most countries. An escort agency typically arranges an encounter between one of its companions and a client at a given address which can be his home, resort or hotel or at a location preferred by the companion (outcall). Some escort agencies specialize in delivering escorts for longer durations such as having a business trips and vacations (travel companions).
Working for an escort agency
Some are okay, some are not. How to find out if the agency is good or not? The best way is to find a couple of call girls working for that agency and talk to them. Important functions of an agency: Doing a proper screening of clients to ensure they’re not a danger, providing security. Some agencies reportedly have gotten girls hooked on drugs, then they rely on the drugs to keep the girls working for them.

Find reputable escort agencies. You have to look for escort agencies that always consider their employees’ needs. Look at the security arrangements of the agencies and how they check clients. Check if you are comfortable with the people in the agency. This is a people business; you will be around with other employees, so you have to be comfortable with them.
Benefits op working for an escort agency
One of the big advantages of working for an escort agency is that you don’t have to worry about organising dates and escort marketing. Most of the agencies around there will do this hard and time-consuming job for you. On your behalf, they will set up your profile and picture gallery on several directories which is great for new girls in the industry who are not yet familiar with these advertising skills.  

Being part of an agency is also great as it will safeguard your security and privacy. As a beginner in the industry they will only let you date with verified clients from their network. When you get more experienced, they will precheck potential clients. On top of that they will send you a text message before and after the actual date to make sure that you left without incidents. This is a great security system to guarantee that you are safe.

A third pro of working for an agency is that you will not have to deal with clients on the phone. A great deal of time are actually timewasters which can end up being incredibly frustrating. An experienced receptionist knows the skills to deal with them and to only filter trustworthy clients through the selection process.
Drawbacks of working for an escort agency
Of course, being an agency escort isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Therefore, a lot of call girls prefer to work independently. One of the reasons for that is that as an independent girl can speak directly to the client to get to know them. Through the phone they can figure out if she and the client will be a good match.

Another disadvantage of working for an agency is that some put a lot of pressure on the girls to provide services that they don’t want to. Also, when demands are high, they might be pushed to work 24 hours a day. It’s easy for clients to spot this and it will make them feel uncomfortable which can result in negative reviews on boards.

As a last con you have to realize that working for an agency means that you will have to give a percentage of the earned fee to them. Usually this is around 25 to 30 per cent per booking. For some this is great deal of money which makes them decide to work independently and stay away from escort agencies.

2. How to become an independent escort?

It’s advisable to start working with an established independent escort. This is possibly the best way for a call girl to get established because it provides education from someone with experience and offers training in important aspects such as client screening and safety.
You have to know the guidelines and rules to escorting. Of course, when you want to be a call girl, you know that the greatest rule of all is your safety. You have to be safe and be confident with every choice you make.

However, some independent escorts prefer to jump in without any guidance. Many girls have simply taken the plunge, advertising their availability as an escort. One danger: Some men keep their eyes open for new girls and try to take advantage of them (including rape, beatings and robbery). Therefore, screen clients wisely. Get to know if he has seen other escorts before by checking an escort blacklist database. Check the client also at the National Sex Offender Registry to assure if he is not a sex offender.

Learn to say no. You can say no if it is needed. Do not do things that you are uncomfortable with. Be firm with your boundaries and say no and tell him that you can’t do it. You have to set your boundaries and know your limitations in dealing with your clients. Now, if you decide to do it yourself, you have to keep in mind that it is harder.
Benefits of being an independent escort
The number of independent escorts is rising, and it is not hard to see why. The first big pro of being an independent prostitute is being self-employed which means that you are totally in control. You choose who you see, when, where and on which terms. You will not be pushed to provide services to clients you dislike. Since there are no third parties involved, it will much easier to see if you and your client are a good match. While calling each other you will be able to tell if there is a natural chemistry between the two of you. Choosing your own clientele is a luxury that you get to enjoy. On top of that you can choose when and where that you prefer to meet them.

Another big pro is that every penny that you make as an independent escort belongs to you. There are no parts of the fee that need to be handed to the agency. Even if your clients think that you deserve a tip, the full amount is completely for you. However, besides all the positive points there also are some downsides on working as an independent call girl.
Drawbacks of being an independent escort
One of them is that you will be spending a lot of work and time on setting up your escort website and listings on several erotic guides. Besides that, it is important to maintain an active presence on the internet by posting regularly on your social media channels, erotic forums and discussion boards. Even after you’ve established your basic marketing plan, it doesn’t stop there. You will continually need to update your profile information and picture galleries. Be aware of the fact that self-promotion is a never-ending job when you are an independent call girl.

Next to internet marketing, you will have a lot of work with running several security checks on new clients. You will need to suss out clients on the phones to discover if they are genuine and warm-hearted. To prevent dating bad clients and to make this process a little easier, you might want to use an escort blacklist database.


We understand that all this information might be a lot to handle at once. Therefore, we created an easy infographic below that you can use to base your decision on. We wish you good luck with your career in the adult industry. Don’t hesitate to read the other articles on our news section about escort marketing and advertising to take your career to the next level!

agency escorts vs. independent escorts
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