Male escorts: 4 primary reasons why you need to hire them

Dec 09, 2018

Male-escorts have lately gained a lot of attention on online escort directories. These days it’s not uncommon anymore to take these popular companions with you to an office party or even a dinner with your closest friends and family. In 2019 it is no longer a taboo to hire the services of a straight male escort. There are plenty of ladies who are already taking pleasure from hiring male escort services when hiring them for any type of occasion. Even the most successful females in Belgium hire call boys to accompany them. Therefore, let nothing stand in your way anymore when you are considering to book a male escort service too!

Press Pink is the place to be if you are seeking some quality time with a beautiful and caring gigolo without any commitments! We can for sure make all your wishes come true. We merely focus on offering the services of male escorts who have years of experience in fulfilling the needs of ladies to the greatest level of their expectations. Though our gigolo’s can be bisexual or gay male escorts too, as essentially a gigolo is a man and prefers to live as one. These men will certainly understand the requirements of high-class ladies and gentleman and therefore dating them will be the ideal solution for discerning clients. Whatever the occasion may be, dating a male escort will be your best bet!

Still not convinced yet? In this article we will share 4 primary reasons why you need to hire our gigolo escort services!

Improve your self-esteem

Did you broke-up with your boyfriend and do you feel lonely? In this situation the greatest thing that you can do is booking a straight male escort. A gigolo will act like you are the centre of his world and that you are his everything. His attentiveness will be a boost for your mood and self-esteem. Consider him as a partner and close friend with whom you can share your most intimate feelings. It’s recommended to hire your gigolo for several hours so he will be able to truly care for you and make you happy again. His encouraging words will make it easier to take a fresh start in life.

Boost your image

Do you feel the need to make colleagues, friends or family jealous? Than coming to a local happening or party with your new handsome boyfriend might be the best thing to do! Do your best and hire the most attractive male escort that you can find on the entire internet. Besides making your friends and relatives jealous your prestige self-confidence will also get a boost level when being in the company of an attractive and good-looking male companion. People who have never gave you a look before will now be more open to start socializing with you. This can definitely be a great experience for every female worldwide who is quite shy and introvert.

Make you an experienced dater

If you haven’t gone on many dates before surely by hiring these companions you might gain experience in the dating field. Male escorts will definitely treat you like a real princess due to their high level of pampering. They will make you feel like you are the only lady in the world for them. Your initial date-experience with these gigolo’s will end up being extremely special. Furthermore, it will help you gain a lot of self-confidence for casual dates in the future. If you truly want to become an experienced dater you even might want to consider these escort services for multiple times in the future. Without a doubt you will benefit from it.

Help build your brand

These male companions are brilliantly intelligent. Therefore, they will be able to influence the crowd easily. On top of that they are extremely educated as well. They can be great opportunity when you want to build your brand. Their charm and individuality will certainly win over the audience. You can almost compare them with professional models and actors. You might want to consider to take them all of your business meetings and conferences. For sure your customers will appreciate the high-value brought in by your personal gigolo.

Want to become a male escort too? Read this!

Most people fantasize about career opportunities like becoming an artist, a movie actor, an adventurer, etc., but they have no idea where to start. For male escorting it is definitely quite similar. From the beginning of our escort directory we are getting asked constantly “how can I work as a male escort?”. If you are still wondering about the question “how to become a male escort?” than the first step that you should take is, getting listed on Press Pink. Escort advertising and escort marketing are the initial steps on your way to become a professional male escort. High-class male escorts take their careers very seriously and they understand how to present themselves in order to get a great deal of customers.
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