THE ultimate oral sex guide for escorts: 6 actionable tips to go down on a guy (and make him SCREAM for more)

Mar 15, 2019
oral sex guide

Ok escorts, if you really want to know how to have your client be like putty in your hands (well, not EVERY part of him), try finding some new and creative ways to give him great oral sex that you can also enjoy. It should be plainly obvious that all men LOVE getting a slow blow job. If you can master how to give him passionate oral sex, he will become a returning customer, as well as being keener to please you. In this piece we are sharing three quick tips for a sensual fellatio when you are going down on him. These orgasm techniques are the easiest things you can do which you probably aren’t doing right now, but we know he’d love you to do. Read on!

Oral Orgasm technique #1: Look into his eyes

If you are giving him a blowjob with your eyes closed, you could be missing out on one of the easiest ways to mentally stimulate your man. You don’t have to keep looking directly at him, but you need to get his attention by making sure he sees you looking into his eyes when you are going down on him. By doing this, you are non-verbally telling him, “Hey, I’m really getting into this too!”

Oral Orgasm technique #2: Find a mirror

The first thing you can try is performing fellatio in front of a mirror. While this may not seem anything exciting for you, you need to think of it from your client’s point of view, both literally and figuratively. Not only does he get to feel how good your lips feel on his member, but he gets the added bonus of watching! Don’t forget, men are visual creatures and are turned on more by visual stimuli. Under most circumstances, men don’t get to watch their partner perform oral sex on them because the partner’s head tends to be in the way. By doing it in front of a mirror, he not only gets the physical stimulation, but also the visual as well. A full-length mirror is great for this, as it can allow him to see your most intimate parts. This allows him to see the parts of you that are normally hidden when you are going down on him. Trust us, it works every time.

Oral Orgasm technique #3: Touch yourself

When you are implementing tip #2, combine giving a good oral with touching your erogenous zones. In addition to giving him that extra pleasure of seeing you, you will also get something out of it as well. Very few guys are NOT turned on by seeing their partner touch themselves in a sensuous way!

Oral Orgasm technique #4: Try different sex positions

The second thing to do is to give him a slow blow job and allow him to go down on you as well. This sex position is called a “69” and is quite popular with couples. The easiest way to do it is to make him lie on his back and you straddle him facing his feet. Since most men also love giving oral sex to women, this will double the pleasure.

Like all women, different guys prefer different positions for receiving a blow job. Make sure you vary the position in which you give him oral sex and see which one he reacts the best to. Don’t be afraid to vary the position in the same session, as it will make him last longer and he will get a lot more enjoyment due to the different sensations. Also, why not ask him which one he likes the most? Woman appreciate communication, so why not guys?

Oral Orgasm technique #5: Try new places

The third tip involves not even being in an incall or outcall location. Oral sex is great. Cars are great. Try doing it while driving. You can try going down on your guy while he is driving (though this may be a bit dangerous, but exciting at the same time), or you can pull off somewhere quiet (and dark) and go for it there. You’d be amazed what a quickie like that can do for a man!

In the back seat, nothing satisfies quite like the 69 position. Here’s the one position we’ll delve into where you’re not required to take turns—you both get to enjoy oral sex goodness at the same time. You’ll have to scrunch up and tuck your knees in, but you’ll discover that with a little maneuvering and logistics management, you’ll be on your way to oral sex bliss in your car in no time.

Next, we’ve got the classic position for those of you who really don’t give a shit about your own personal safety (or anyone else’s, for that matter). The classic front seat lean-over, in which the driver makes themselves, erm, available, and their partner works their magic from the passenger seat while you both hurtle down the highway doing 85 mph because the driver is distracted beyond human comprehension. 


Oral Orgasm technique #6: Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is one of the least known “secret weapons” to keeping your escort career and sex life healthy. You need to find times to surprise with a little extra “treat” while going down on a guy. A good man will most likely return the favour sooner rather than later. In fact, most men will probably return the favour immediately!

Hopefully these tips for giving the best orals will help you get some great ideas to spice up your sex life by using oral sex. It is a great way for Sydney escorts to make their clients long for more and it can also be a lot of fun for the both of you. Keep reading on our news section and for sure you will get plenty of more tips!
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