The Top 5 Questions About Escorts Answered [Practical Advice For 2019]

Mar 03, 2019
 Questions about escorts

We noticed that many future clients are struggling with several questions about escorts, especially if they are relatively new to the industry. At Press Pink we already have more than 10 years’ experience in the adult entertainment business. Therefore, in this article we will answer 5 of the most asked questions to help you get a clear understanding of the call girl business. From the answers you will receive, you will end up being able to determine if hiring an escort is a good match for you and if so, where you should look to find a girl that will fulfil your wishes. Let’s start with the first question!

Question #1: What are escorts?

The term “escort” is a general acceptable and legitimately vague term for an upscale sex worker. In essence it’s a person who provides companionship, but occasionally the offered services might include sexual actions as well. Companions will subtly seduce you on every level, inviting you to forget about your day to day concerns, be fully present in the moment and relax into an experience of timeless intimacy. A date with an escort is something meaningful and sacred that goes much deeper than just the physical. These premium ladies prefer dating with a small circle of discerning clientele with refined taste for beauty and character.

Call girls are the most exclusive ladies that are genuine published models and actresses who are carefully chosen for their rare beauty, class, and sophistication as well as their natural zeal for life and open, loving heart. One by one they have the immense allure one can expect from ladies of this standing. These extraordinary women are all highly receptive, warm and compassionate, and genuinely enjoy the occasional dinner date, fashionable event or even a travel arrangement with distinguished gentlemen, creating authentic and meaningful connections.

A limited number of escorts are also international travel companions who are available for travel anywhere in the world. These attracting gorgeous, sophisticated and charming females are available to accompany you to the location of your choice. When joining you on an exciting vacation your female companion will always dress and act according to every situation, subtly complimenting you as a lady of high class and substance should.

There are independent escorts and there are agency girls. Generally, working for an escort agency is much safer as they operate as legal organization that’s bound to local laws and regulations.

Question #2: What do escorts do?

There are jobs in the erotic industry that are more clear-cut than others. Sadly, the term “escort” isn’t one of those. Only a limited number of people can answer precisely on the question “what do escorts do?” and we are one of those.

A lot of people assume that escort are prostitutes, but that’s pertinent untrue. The thrust of the offered service is basically the same, but escorts or call girls can be distinguished as something completely different than prostitutes. A prostitute offers sexual intercourse in exchange for money while high-class escorts only offer paid companionship. A prostitute is approached just for fulfilling sexual desires and men who are visiting escorts do this mostly for entertainment purposes.

Escorts restrict their services for a small circle of discerning gentlemen only. They provide their customers companionship during public meeting or conferences but also during private occasions such as dinners or drinks. What happens additionally is a consent between 2 adults. In essence usually an escort isn’t selling sex as a part of the companionship services even if the night may end with intercourse. Occasionally it might happen that a client’s relationship with a high-end courtesan can become more intimate than usual.

On top of that it’s important to know that providing escort services is completely legal and lawful while prostitution is illegal or limitedly legal in a number of countries. Beware as in these countries any type of service that consists of sexual acts may lead to charges. To get to know more regarding this matter we like to redirect you to our article about countries where prostitution is legal.

Question #3: How much do escorts make?

There is a huge disparity in the earnings of a prostitute or a high class escort. Mostly prostitutes generally earn just enough for the basic living necessities while some elite escorts with many regular customers would be able to earn as much as 2000 euro per night, or even more. It’s a personal choice of the girl what she thinks her services are worth.

Of course call girls who are in their twenties have the highest earnings with peaking somewhere between the age of 26-30 while in general this will decrease after they reach the age of 30.

On top of that nowadays the sex trade has become a more competitive market due the marketing possibilities that the internet offers. The benefits of on the worldwide web marketing also has a drawback. The rates of escorts are being more under pressure than in the early days.

Question #4: Where do escorts advertise?

Nowadays, one of the most powerful and effective solutions to market adult services is through the internet. In order for escorts to succeed, there are important online marketing guides to consider. These are very important to avoid failure and wasting much of your savings.

Besides that, a lot of escorts have their own escort website to advertise their services on. They promote it with video’s, social media and article marketing techniques to increase website traffic. In most cases, they start posting articles and videos to attract numerous friends on using social networking websites. Although this procedure is longer and frustrating sometimes, being successful in escort seo needs a lot of patience to notice positive results. Determination will likewise play a huge part here.

Lastly, elite escorts consider paid advertisement campaigns on escort directories. Press Pink has thousands of visitors daily and therefore can bring you tons of messages and phone calls of potential customers. Once escorts start earning, advertising on escort directories is the best time to spend the extra cash. Again, you need to evaluate your generated traffic before you spend money.

Question #5: Where to find escorts?

Press Pink has been in business for many years throughout the industry. We have developed a strong reputation of providing beautiful, high-class call girls worldwide to both locals as well as business travellers. We have established quite a variety, featuring girls of all shapes and sizes. We have petite girls as well as full size girls in order to meet the needs and wants of our clients.

Clients continue to return to us as their number directory because of our commitment to excellence, our beautiful girls, as well as our affordable rates. At Press Pink, we love beautiful girls and we love our clients. When we can bring them together, it is a wonderful thing. Many of our clients have written pages full with escort reviews and testimonials of how they have enjoyed our girls and can’t wait to book another. We take care of our clients again and again and many of our best ones are on a first name basis with our providers.

Knowing that you can trust us completely, please your preferred call girl today and get the process started. Our geo-located search function will help to suggest you lovely young ladies with whom we know you will enjoy and relax with the confidence that our ironclad guarantee inspires. Don’t wait. Please start dating right away!
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