A dinner date with an escort: the perfect starter recipe for an intimate night full of erotic adventures

Mar 12, 2019
Dinner date with an escort
There are many ways to get to know your elite escort but a dinner date is a perfect way to break the ice. Fine dining and an intimate atmosphere are only a few of the advantages of having a dinner date with an escort.

Fine dining is always something we look forward to, not just the ladies. Men primp for dates too! They even have more to prepare since escorts are mostly just waiting to be surprised during their dates. Thus, men usually have the harder time of it, planning and scheming for a romantic evening for two. To help your dinner date with an escort be a success, we have listed some of the best ideas for a romantic dinner for two.

First things first: gifts for escorts

Probably most of the customers of escort services won’t decide to take a gift to their preferred lady. Certainly not on the first date they’ll have together. Though regular clients might occasionally do a nice gesture and present their lady a gift. Flowers and chocolates are standard and jotted down the rule book. Try getting her something different; maybe a small stuffed animal, a bracelet charm, or a book she talked to you about. The best gifts are the simple ones that nevertheless demonstrate your attentiveness and care towards her.

You don’t have to go over your budget to impress your escort. A little creativity goes a long way and will also make your special night more memorable. Because you are celebrating your special day for the two of you a unique gift for your escort will mean a lot to her. It will belong to that person and to no one else. There are several creative personalized gifts available. A personalized gift shows you took the time to have something made for your loved one and that you didn’t rush out and grab something last minute. It also makes your high-class escort feel very special.

Creative dinner ideas for Dine-Out Dates

Whether you opt for a dinner date with your escort at home or you prefer to take her out to a luxurious restaurant, one fact remains: Brussels is the place to be if you really want to experience the gastronomic “cuisine”. Especially to food connoisseurs, Brussels has without a question a place in their hearts.

A dinner date to remember is easy to achieve just by stepping outside of your ordinary routine. So, stay clear of you and your companion’s favourite cafe, steakhouse, or local dive for this dinner date. A different experience will not only be fun for both of you but it will show that you put some thought into the evening. Here are some ideas for unique romantic dinners that will earn you brownie points with your escort:
Idea #1: Check out special events that your neighbourhood wine bar or even a local winery might have. Wine bars everywhere are offering wine dinners which include your dinner and a sampling of several different wines.
Idea #2: If you have all evening to wine and dine your special love look into spa resorts. Many spa resorts are offering one-night specials that include room accommodations, dinner, and a massage. A couple’s massage before dinner will usually guarantee a satisfying dessert later.
Idea #3: Murder mystery dinners are also a fun idea though not as romantic. However, you are almost guaranteed a lot of fun and some good laughs. Some places are offering Valentine’s Murder themes. For example, St. Louis, Missouri’s Bissel Mansion Restaurant and Murder Mystery Theater is offering a special for romantic couples.
Idea #4: Restaurants that are offering some kind of entertainment to go along with dinner should be considered as well. Ranging from belly dancing with hypnotic music and intimate lighting to soulful jazz bands, several restaurants will sate both your sweetie’s stomach and his/her senses with arousing sights, sounds, and tastes.

Romantic dinner ideas for Dine-In Dates

There’s just something special about being asked for an evening full of dining at home. It is more intimate and personal, and it makes your escort feel special particularly if you obviously invested a lot of effort on the food and presentation. Guys should know too that girls are really impressed by a guy who knows how to cook. This is an excellent way to impress a girl! Show her that what she loves the most about your romantic dinner for two, from the food to the music, is all prepared by you.

If you walk into your dinning area and all you see is dull and humdrum, it might be time to spice it up with some small accents. There are lots of things that you can do to live up the space and make it a little more stylish and romantic. Placing a centrepiece in the middle of the table will do already a lot. Flowers are certainly a great way to bring some colour into the room. Be creative and choose typical flowers for the season that you are currently in. Besides that, decorative candles can bring in a romantic atmosphere while a with fruits might add an earthly touch. These are some simple of the many ways that you can add to your living room so your dinner date escort will feel very welcome at your place.

Prepare a menu that you both really like. It is best to plan a full meal with appetizer and several main courses. If you have time, it might be advisable to follow cooking practices, so you will be at your best in the kitchen. Research on the desired taste of your lover. Some dinner date escorts like spicy foods while others want it to be sweet.

The purpose of the romantic dinner is somehow mimic the environment of a quality restaurant. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you do not to forget to place fresh flowers, a freshly ironed tablecloth and candles on your dining table. Also place candles in the room. Play music from your favourite couple or play a love song for the background. This will undoubtedly set the mood for a romantic evening together.

It would be a pity if you spent so much effort on the food you prepared, but your date did not get the full impact of your intentions because you weren’t able to prepare as well for the other aspects of the evening.  Although a romantic dinner menu is very important, you shouldn’t expect it to be the only thing that will make your dinner date with an escort memorable. After all, you want him or her to remember you as a wonderful date, not just as someone who knows how to cook.

And then it’s time for your tasty dessert …

Avoid rushing a dinner date with an escort. Enjoy the starters and main courses and discuss the cuisine with your companion. Make a GFE out of the whole adventure. To complete your romantic dinner date for two, end the evening with a kiss. With all your effort, she’ll likely consent to award you for it in the bedroom. Without a doubt she will invite you to enjoy a delicious treat between the sheets.
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